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UWA TEQUILAPackaging design, 3D product visualisation and branding

  • UWA Tequila


Branding and marketing


Packaging design, 3D product visualisation, website and online store, PR and corporate branding.


UWA is Scotland’s first and only artisanal craft tequila company. Its ultra-premium product is created from 100% blue weber (rare) agaves, hand-picked, fermented and triple distilled. Unlike any other tequila brand, UWA is aged in Speyside whisky casks to give it a distinctive character and unique flavour of Scotland.

Max and Co was approached by the company’s founder on the strength of our creative output for Dark Matter - Scotland’s only rum distillery. We were immediately captivated by UWA’s story and vision and quickly put together a successful pitch of exciting concepts for branding and marketing the product. We then worked closely with UWA to develop the striking corporate brand and appropriately luxurious packaging components. Visualising each element of the product in photorealistic 3D helped everyone involved in the project guide its development towards eventual production. We have since written promotional copy and are currently developing an ecommerce website and branded materials for UWA’s suite of remarkable tequilas.

UWA Tequila
UWA Tequila 2
UWA Tequila 3


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