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Keystone Games

Max and Co created the branding, stationery and website for London-based Keystone Games.

Keystone Games is a developer and publisher with an innovative business model. Based in Covent Garden, they were looking for a distinctive brand to make an immediate and memorable impression in what is a pretty crowded market.

Our solution centred on a stylised letter 'K' that has an iconic, retro feel. With its angular form and vivid neon colour scheme, the brand identity mixes some classic video game styling with contemporary design elements.

We tiled the 'K' to create a patterned background, which worked great as a branded texture on the reverse of business cards and letterheads, as well as ‘quality merch’ such as keyrings, baseball caps and t-shirts for the growing fan base.

And for the company's homepage, we created a 3D animation that provides an illuminating reveal of the 'K' and company name.

We will be working with Keystone on other projects, including packaging, on- and offline marketing and visual idents for their games.

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